About Us

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The origin of Hope Foundation Group Inc. started back on January 1, 2017 in Kennesaw Georgia, United State of America. Hope Foundation Group Inc. is registered with the United States Department of Treasure (Internal Revenue Service-IRS), and was incorporated into the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on November 4, 2017 as Hope Foundation Goodwill. The Foundation was founded by Mary Ogbeh, a Public Health Advocate based in United States. The Foundation currently has employees working under her and many people as volunteers to carry out the functions of this noble organization in improving our communities. Hope Foundation Group is a member of Georgia Center for Non-Profit and also a member, Civil Society Policy Forum. HFG is a Participant at World Bank Civil Society Organization 2018.

Our Aim

To improve global health, increase opportunity for girls, and women by creating economic opportunities and growth, help communities address issues affecting development, empower communities and contribute to the sustainability of their project activities. With all these in mind, we intend to create partnership with the government, organizations, and individuals with great purpose across all part of the World to deliver sustainable solutions that will last and transform communities to greater heights.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to is to provide humanitarian service in the areas of community development, youth & Women development, health care system, advance education and assistance to retired Veterans in Africa and the world at large.

Our Vision

To be among the leading non-governmental organizations that balance the standard of living among the rich and the poor in Africa and the world at large.

Our Goals

Health Care System: Build a health care system that will handle the issues of malaria, sickle cell diseases, cancer, HIV pandemic facing Nigeria and other African countries.

Educational System: We have to invest in Education, to tackle the problems of our youth when they are young as these are the future of any growing nation. Investing in our youths with a sound Education in place, gives us all a better future.

Food Pantries: To have Food Pantries in virtually all the States in Nigeria and most developing nations, and the United States where the less privilege can go seek for assistance, this will help orphans, homeless people and single parents who cannot afford a three square meal in their homes.

Girls & Women Empowerment: This is to help our young girls become independent women by helping them learn trades that will be an added advantage to their Educational background such as catering, tailoring, crafts, etc to better our communities and help build a solid foundation for their children and family.

Students Mentoring: Assist Students globally to advance their Education, provide scholarships, mentoring programs etc to further develop our nation. The youth development section will ensure youths have a voice of their own in terms of leadership skills, build their confidence level & character with a collaborative network to shape their world.