Adeleke Janet

I am Adeleke Janet from Osun state, Nigeria with a background in Television Production (Diploma) from NTA college and a Bsc in Mass communication from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I worked as a Manager in Chevlin Multimedia Ltd for 2 years before I proceeded to further for an Msc in the Premiere University of Ibadan, of which I am currently running.
GODS Willing, I aspire to carve a nitch in the fashion industry with the sole aim of returning our “hallmark” of “decency” especially in the African setting and to extend to the whole world, thereby erasing the notion of adopting the pop culture, while projecting ours even with a torch of class and still ooze charm in a Godly way.
In the light of this, I am a student of Posh by Asabi Fashion Academy currently undergoing a training to be certified in this line.
Meanwhile, I love to accessorize anyone at all, creating a stare in asooke embellishment, bead making, handfan, veil and all related with an aura of decency as well. This is also a part of the fashion business and this I pursued right from when I was a child at age 13 years. I am of the opinion that we’ve all got hands and are blessed by THE ALMIGHTY, which can turn from a talent to a skill where money comes from instead of staying solely dependent and thereby making you a valuable piece to the world and this brings me to what I love the most. I like to motivate in my own little way, writing to inspire as well as helping others no matter how little it is because in the end, it’s not all about the accolades or money but how much life you’ve affected. I also love to present both on TV and radio programs and voiceovers for jingles and adverts.
Never I forget to mention that I am a staunch lover of GOD. Though extremely flawed but I always love to stand for the truth. Above all, being selfless is something I’ve always desired which includes being available and reaching out to others who in a way or the other do not have because in GOD we live, move and have our beings. why not stand and be there for them, take smiles to their faces and give them hope.